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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  May 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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costs or say that the police should somehow be shielded from the very prosecutorial system. any healthy society, well we should demand it. all right. that does it for our show today. now with alex wagner starts right now. hillary clinton is weathering the storm. mitch mcconnell just snubbed his own party. and more lawmakers buy into the idea that the u.s. military wants to take over texas. but first, the official deflategate report is out and there is bad news in it for tom brady. it's wednesday may 6th and this is "now." >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> breaking news story that we have of the nfl's findings in
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the official deflategate report. patriots personnel likely deflated footballs. more than probable that qb tom brady was aware of such behavior. >> i think we all know that quarterbacks have certain preferences on footballs. >> some guys like them round and some guys like them thin some guys like them tacky, some guys like them brand new. some guys like old balls. >> i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs. >> i usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events, but with the patriots in town i was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat. it is more probable than not. that was the conclusion of nfl investigator ted wells as to whether new england patriots personnel with quarterback tom brady's knowledge deliberately deflated the team's footballs in this year's afc championship
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game, the playoff game preceding the super bowl. the report was released just hours ago and its findings are explosive. it concludes the patriots locker room attend abt jim mcnally and equipment assistant john jastremski likely participated in a deliberate effort to that tom brady was generally aware of these activities. according to the report last may, mcnally identified himself in a text message as the deflator. following a game against the new york jets in october, mcnally wrote, "tom sucks. i'm going to make that next ball an f'ing balloon." jastremski said i talked to him last night. he said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. both referred to him referring to tom brady but investigators found their explanation implausible. by the time the deflategate
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scandal reached the national media, brady began texting with jastremski, brady asked you good johnny boy? he replied nervous. brady responded you didn't do anything wrong, bud. there were numerous phone calls between the two men in the wake of the scandal and one meeting in brady's office though the content of those discussions are not known. the nfl is now considering possible disciplinary actions and protocol changes in light of the report. today patriots owner robert kraft remained defiant. in a statement kraft said to say we are disappointed in its findings which do not include anyin controvertible or hard evidence of deliberate deflation of footballs at the afc championship game would be a gross understatement. the time effort and resources expended to reach this conclusion are incomprehensible to me. joining me now is host of msnbc's "up," steve kornacki former offensive nfl lineman ross tucker who played part of his career with the new england
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patriots and nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. ross, let me start with you. you know the game you know the players, you know what happens in locker rooms and in equipment rooms. how do you see this report? >> well it's kind of like i thought all along, to be honest with you, alex. i said back in january based on my time in new england, i thought it was more probable than not that there was something inappropriate here. now, every quarterback in the league wants their footballs a certain way. but when some of this information started to come out, knowing the way that organization in particular pushes the limits i'm not surprised by today's findings that clearly they cheated in this instance and they all knew it at least the equipment guys and brady were in on it. i'd be surprised quite frankly if bill belichick didn't have some knowledge as well. >> steve, are you surprised by the fact that tom brady was even as directly potentially involved as the text messages reveal that he maybe was?
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i mean i think a lot of us thought maybe tom brady's footballs were being deflated to the degree that he wanted but he certainly wasn't the person orchestrating that. >> in a way he would have to be. he would have to be aware of it. he's ultimately the one that is sensitive to these slight differences in psi. who's going to notice it if you accept the whole theory that this is huge scale in terms of the implications of this type of cheating. when you look at everything he said and how he handled it back then i remember that press conference tom brady gave in january the week before the super bowl. i think everybody was looking at his body language in that and he seemed uncharacteristically nervous. there were times he seemed almost to be on the verge of tears, like he was having trouble keeping his come pours. i think a lot of people looked at that and said this is a guy keeping something here. all of the suspicion was already there in january. you look at this report today and in a way it's damning and another way if you're thinking about punishment the league is not making definitive statements
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here. the league is saying it's more probable than not that tom brady had at least general awareness of this. the league is specifically saying that bob kraft committed no wrongdoing the owner of the patriots, no wrongdoing no awareness of wrongdoing making the same specific statement about bill belichick. so it's really -- and even these two guys the locker room attendant and equipment manager, it's saying more likely than not. so it's not making definitive statements. >> okay. but luke if you read the report and you look at the text message exchanges, you look at the direct correspondence between a star mvp quarterback in the nfl and an equipment guy, i mean there are a lot of questions raised. there is a question about whether brady was giving jastremski noteworthy and valuable foblotballs after a cincinnati bengals game as maybe thanks or perhaps some would say that's some sort of bribe for his work on behalf of the deflation of footballs. there's brady's contention that he didn't even know mcnally's name before the afc title game.
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it seems clear that tom brady knew exactly who mcnally was. he was the guy in the locker room and we have that security footage of mcnally going into the bathroom with all of the footballs and potentially deflating them. i mean that's why i think this thing is bigger than just tom brady had footballs the way he wanted. this was an orchestrated -- this is orchestrated cheating. >> you're 100% correct, alex and this is really par for the course for the new england patriots. they have a culture of deceit in that locker room. it stems down from bill belichick, who is well known for manipulating any rule put before him. if you go back to spygate during the heroic run the patriots had in the 2000s, a lot of people questioned whether or not those super bowls were legitimate because perhaps bill belichick had advance knowledge through videotape. so it leads one to believe that tom brady definitely actively tried to manipulate the rules once again. and on top of that the golden boy, the pride and joy of the nfl went on national tv held a press conference and repeatedly lied. he lied to the fans he lied to
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his teammates and he lied to everybody in the new england region saying he had nothing to do with this. you go into that report and tom brady says well i had no knowledge who these guys were and then it comes out later that he was texting them or he was inquiring as to whether or not these balls were being inflated at his liking. people will say, oh quarterbacks do this all throughout the league it's been going on for a long time this is something that's standard. it's part of the game. that's fine. if it's part of the game it's part of the game. but in this case tom brady lied. in this case he cheated. we do not know whether or not from this report if that had an impact in the game which pushed it a different way than official to new england. so the nfl should absolutely come down and suspend him. it should be an asterisk at the last super bowl season and it should be the beginning of the beginning. if you go back over the stuff new england did the last 15 years, there is so much more there. >> come on. >> steve has lots of things to say about this but i want to go to ross because passions run high when we talk about the new
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england patriots and football in general. i mean do you think there will actually be any sort of punitive measure meted out? >> i don't think there's any question about it. the real question in my mind is whether it's just tom brady and the equipment guys. i don't know how you punish the equipment guys other than those guys are probably fired. or whether it goes to the entire organization. because it's only a couple of years ago that the new orleans saints' head coach sean payton general manager mickey loomis the entire organization was held responsible for something that gregg williams had done. and so it's a situation where they were told at the time ignorance is not an excuse. so i don't see how this only falls on tom brady and that the organization doesn't get punished in some way and that head coach bill belichick doesn't get punished. look every quarterback, alex wants the ball a certain way. and they actually give money to the equipment guys to make the ball a certain way. but that certain way is supposed to be within the legal limits. i'm still surprised that those
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guys would underinflate the ball below the limits without getting some sort of green light or approval from belichick. >> steve, i know you have thoughts on this. >> i'm sorry, i'm just listening to luke there. listen, this is a day for all patriots haters out there like luke. and let's be honest luke you're a patriots hater. this is a -- >> proudly. >> whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa. >> no it is because he said -- he said some things there that i will take specific issue with. >> as a patriots fan. >> but also as a matter of fact. if you want to cast aspersions on the previous super bowls the patriots wop because you say this proves some sort of long standing culture of cheating -- >> wait steve, it's not the first time the patriots have been accused of cheating in a very high profile fashion. >> let me be clear to what he's referring to there. he's referring to the st. louis rams making accusations after the super bowl in 2002 that the patriots had taped their walk-through before that game and, therefore, had gained a competitive advantage of that. that's something the patriots
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haters bring out. the thing that they don't mention is that the newspaper that reported that ultimately retracted that story. not a shred of proof. >> i'm referencing the stiff penalties the nfl put forward on the patriots. i believe they docked them draft picks and had a huge fine which was the biggest at that point. when the jets reported eric mangini and the jets reported that's what belichick did. >> but it had nothing to do with super bowl seasons. >> it's a culture of deceit that has come to fruition. >> i'm going to take issue with something you said, steve. i'm not a patriots hater. i'm a football -- i would say a genuinely interested in the sport of football but by no means a diehard fan and i am just consuming the information and the swirl around the new england patriots. it does not look good for that team. >> i completely understand that. when you say -- >> there are people who think there is something amiss with the patriots culture, that that's about patriot hating. >> what i'm objecting, though show me some proof.
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>> is spygate -- i read through 60 pages of the 200 pages. >> what luke is saying these previous super bowls that they won in the 2002 2003 season 2004 season should look different. he's saying other stuff has come out before. >> steve, was it not odd that the patriots went on a long drought for super bowl wins after spygate came to light? >> how odd was it that the balls were properly inflated for the super bowl and tom brady went 37 for 50 for four touchdowns and won the game? how odd that the balls were plor preinflated during the regular season and the playoffs? >> big asterisk, big asterisk. >> ross tucker i am sorry that we didn't get to ask you more about the game of football but i thank you for your time. steve kornacki, luke russert, take it out back dudes. you can catch up with steve kornacki weekends at 8:00 a.m. and the briefing with luke russert mondays and fridays at
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10:00 a.m. you are looking at a live shot of a storm gathering in southwest oklahoma where a tornado warning is currently under effect. within the last hour there was also a tornado touchdown in lincoln county kansas. we will continue to monitor this extreme weather and bring you the latest. after the break, more on hillary clinton. that's coming up next.
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buffeted by questions about her family foundation dogged by benghazi diehards facing harsh examination of her e-mails, hillary clinton appears to be weathering it quite well. a new poll from "the new york times" today finds clinton's favorability has gone up from earlier in the year and more respondents see mrs. clinton as a strong leader. clinton's durability is especially strong with democrats. 85% of whom say they'd consider voting for her for president.
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85%. that may be in part due to clinton's early push on progressive issues including immigration reform. at a roundtable in las vegas yesterday, clinton vowed to go even further on the issue than president obama. >> as president, i would do everything possible under the law to go even further. there are more people like many parents of dreamers and others with deep ties and contributions to our communities who deserve a chance to stay and i will fight for them. >> joining me now is editor at large of salon, joan walsh, and managing editor of the washington post politics section and author of "the indispensable, the fix," chris cillizza cillizza. when hillary clinton is running largely unopposed, hat tip to bernie sanders, the expectation
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from some corners was she was going to be a general election candidate stuck in the center. thus far, i think it's probably surprised folks that she has been more to the left more vocally progressive on big issues than many people expected. >> right. well, you know i think this is what she really feels, alex. i'm not saying she says only doing this for political reasons, but there are definitely political reasons for what she's doing. chris wrote an interesting piece last year when one of her advisers said she was going to expand the map and go after white working class voters and white women. i don't think she's written them off, but she's really going off expanding -- consolidating and then expanding the obama coalition. so we saw her moves on mass incarceration last week. we've seen some expansion of what the president has done on immigration this week. i think she's looking at the electorate and she's saying this is a new electorate. she's enormously strong with latinos, so she's also looking to consolidate the latino vote for democrats for our life times
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possibly. >> chris, to joan's point, it feels like she has forfeited the old clinton coalition of yesteryear for the new obama coalition. >> well, she may have forfeited it or it just doesn't exist anymore. i think our tendency is to assume, oh yeah bill clinton, he was recently president. actually the last time he won an election was in 1996 right, so quite some time ago. that coalition -- i think the only democrat who thinks that the coalition who elected bill clinton could elect hillary clinton is bill clinton, right? so bill clinton is the one who often says we can be competitive in kentucky. we can be competitive. we can win arkansas. and joan is talking -- first of all, i don't think she could be competitive in kentucky or arkansas frankly, but even if they could, she doesn't need to be. the current map favors democrats. that's true whether hillary is the nominee or martin o'malley is the nominee.
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the current map, barack obama proved this in '08 and 2012 favors democrats. the growth of competitiveness in states in, let's say, georgia, north carolina virginia states that were never, ever competitive or at least in modern memory for democrats are now super competitive. >> joan the bill clinton piece is really interesting because as hillary was rolling out this progressive policy you have bill clinton today saying it is cool if hillary clinton basically runs on a platform that unwinds huge pieces of his legacy on for example, criminal justice. >> right. >> this is what he said. let's listen to the sound. >> the problem is the way it was written and implemented is we cast too wide a net, we have too many people in prison. i strongly support what she's doing and i think any policy that was adopted when i was president in federal law that contributed to it should be changed. >> i thought that was a fairly dramatic concession from the former president. >> i thought so too.
1:21 pm
and i've written a little self hype, i've written a two-part series on the end of bill clinton liberalism and what it means for hillary. and i think we're seeing certainly on the economy and on criminal justice, she sees the new conditions of the 21st century and she sees what the extremes have done. i'm not saying she's going to change anything about welfare reform, but she's going to pay attention to the fact that what welfare reform helped create was a poverty trap where a quarter of the people on welfare still receive -- a quarter of workers still receive some kind of federal welfare assistance. so she's facing a very new economy and a very new electorate, but i think -- you know, i don't want to say the president is stuck either. >> she's acknowledging it on stage at a clinton foundation event. pivoting over to another 2016 contender. the latest trials of beleaguered new jersey governor chris christie. today one of the governor's
1:22 pm
signature accomplishments, pension reform is before the new jersey state supreme court. during his first term as governor christie signed a deal promising to pay billions into the state's underfunded pension system. as long as public unions would concede to benefit cuts. the unions keeping their promise, took the cuts. when the state's economy lagged the revenues that the christie administration optimistically projected, those revenues failed to show up and so did the governor's promised payments to the pension system. in court today, a justice on the supreme court bench asked if christie's actions amounted to a bait and switch. chris, i feel like bridgegate is talked about a lot. but the thing that i think has frozen christie support among donors and conservatives in certain states is his terrible terrible fiscal management of the state. >> so i guess i would disagree with you only in that i think if bridgegate didn't exist, we'd be talking about this pension story much more than we have because
1:23 pm
as you know it was and remains in many ways sort of the thing that christie points to that in a democratic state, i faced down teachers unions. like i -- i got this to work when no one said that it could work. there are questions of whether it did work. i tend to think because the bridge controversy sort of blotted out the sun, most people, and most people in new jersey, most people broadly don't see christie as sort of a top-tier or even second-tier candidate and as a result things like this get less scrutiny. if bridgegate never happened he's probably a top-tier candidate and this is a much more problematic thing for him. >> and the two prongs. there's the tough talking i get stuff done. well, that didn't actually work out. the credit of the state has been downgraded eight times. and the bipartisan big-hearted guy seems to be completely undermined by the behavior of his staff. >> right. and he's got to know on some level that he's got no prayer.
1:24 pm
so maybe now he doesn't have to be the guy who worked with unions and worked with democrats to get pension reform. he can just be the guy that breaks his promises to workers and walk away. >> that's not exactly the legacy i think governor christie is hoping for. joan walsh and chris cillizza thanks for your time. we are continuing to monitor that extreme weather out of southwest oklahoma right now where, as you can see, dark storm clouds are starting to form. although there has been no touchdown yet, a tornado warning is currently under effect for the area. we will continue to monitor that storm and bring you the latest. nt? i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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change is not made. >> the review will look into police practices such as frisks street stops arrests and searches within the city. it comes one day after attorney general loretta lynch made her first official trip to the city to meet with rawlings-blake. the mayor also announced that all 3200 officers in the baltimore police department would be equipped with body cameras by the end of this year. just ahead, you are looking at video of a south carolina college student in her kitchen. what she is accused of doing could land her up to 20 years in prison. i'll explain, next on "now." why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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as it develops. but first, other stories that will keep you awake long into this hump day night. is 20 years the appropriate punishment for pouring cleaning fluid on your roommate's food? were you victimized by saturday night's boring fight? if so you can join a class action lawsuit against manny pacquiao. and is celebration of the dad bod an example of equal scrutiny of the sexes or yet more evidence of an appalling double standard? but first, mitch mcconnell versus the gop. last night the senate's top republican stuck it to iran hawks in his own party, ones who are attempting to torpedo a bipartisan nuclear deal. the majority leader closed off debate on the bipartisan bill setting it up for a vote tomorrow. in so doing mcconnell ignored the desires of tom cotton and 2016 contender marco rubio who proposed poison bill amendments with the explicit aim of killing the negotiated nuclear deal with iran. for mcconnell the rebuke to his
1:33 pm
party's leading conservative lights was a signal to many in the party who are hopeful in the upper chamber that he is not ready -- let me start that quote over again. it was a signal to those four white house hopefuls in the upper chamber, including rand paul, ted cruise marco rubio and lindsey graham that he is not ready to relinquish the senate floor to their political designs. for his part mcconnell seemed okay with marginalizing the rabble rousers unlike his counterpart in the lower chamber who often faces the same choice but usually isn't happy about it. joining me now is mike peska, janet moch and former chair of the council of economic advisers and economics professor at the university of chicago's booth school of business austan goolsbee. okay you have worked in the upper echelons of government and i think the mitch mcconnell thing actually points us to a larger trend or lesson which is the rabble-rousers make a lot of
1:34 pm
cry over things but at the end of the day does the establishment not always win out? >> definitely not always but in this case i think your intuition is right. you know you saw mitch mcconnell saying he wants to move the fast track authority for the trade negotiations and he actually complimented the president and said he thought he was doing a good job on that trade negotiation. and in this case he basically said he's not going to let the people running for president undermine their ability to do things, let's say, in the senate. the one qualifier is you can bet there's still going to be a whole lot of things that they pass, both chambers of congress that the president will veto over the next two years so i wouldn't get your hopes up too much. >> but passing and then ultimately vetoing, isn't that the same point? this is not -- someone in the establishment, and i was talking more specifically republican but the president i think could be considered establishment,
1:35 pm
sort of reason usually triumphs at the end of the day. i hope? >> well not in the senate. in the senate deliberation and things slowing down triumph. >> right. >> i think there are a couple of trends, some are good some are bad. it does not bother me i know i'm supposed to be up in arms that these freshmen senators don't know their place. i'm fine with that. the specifics of this iran deal i think that cotton just has the wrong policy. how he's going about it does seem to be a little bit more look at me than let's try to help -- >> just a little. >> just a little. and i don't know about the trend. freshman senators is that the pathway to the presidency? that's both good and bad. when you look at what tom cotton is doing, i can see mcconnell's motive is all right, boy, let me show you how it's done. smackdown. >> and he's smacking down like four people in the party who are running for president. i guess i wonder is that awkward? is it weird that the guy who's running your operations on capitol hill is basically saying, hey, all of you guys running for the presidency, like what you're thinking here is totally wrong.
1:36 pm
>> i think it's kind of -- >> it's quite a departure for sure. i was kind of confused when he was saying let's move this forward, like let's get some work done for once. oh wow, that's not what we're used to talking about. >> and i will say, austan give everybody their due, mitch mcconnell actually -- the bar is low, right? but that guy is kinds of a deal maker. >> yeah but look in the historical context, what's happening now is the norm. what's happened in the last few years is the aberration that random freshmen senators can shut down the government or go willy-nilly and push their own agenda. i think this action and if a series of things like this happen, it's going to put more eyes back on the governors, who historically are where the nominees come from because the senator candidates to become president and to get the republican nomination will not be able to kind of get their
1:37 pm
agenda out on the front page because he won't allow it. >> right. because they're covered in the ooze and slime of washington, d.c. no offense to washington, d.c. next up, he earned $120 million on saturday night for fighting floyd mayweather. now manny pacquiao is the target of a $5 million class action lawsuit that alleges the boxer's undisclosed shoulder injury sustained prior to the bout amounted to a fraud that victimized over 3 million fight fans. mike peska, is this a legitimate class action lawsuit? >> this lawsuit does not have a puncher's chance. this lawsuit cannot go forward. think about the precedent. i saw pedro martinez pitch for the mets and he just revealed he had a toe injury. i want my money back. >> people are angry because the fight was boring and so there is a sense that we need to collectively do something about that. >> the fight was boring and they charged $99 and most of these people hadn't heard of periscope or meerkat beforehand. in my opinion this is going to
1:38 pm
be the last great fight, and it wasn't even a great fight. it's kind of the end of boxing. >> wow. >> i think the period is passing to things like mma and maybe senate fights. >> senate fights. >> mostly mma. but as far as this lawsuit goes it can't go forward and they don't have standing to bring a suit. you're not a victim you're not a party. >> well, professor goolsbee economic professor, go ahead. >> it's a joke. oh sorry, guys i'm tired today, i stayed up real light. oh we're going to file a tax lien against the guy. come on. >> he was hung over we want our money back. the contention being that if they had known manny pacquiao was injured, they would never have paid $100 and, therefore, they should get their money back because the fight wasn't balanced. >> stuff happens for a million different reasons. he got in a fight with his friend so he was distracted. can you sue for that? come on. there have been boxing matches that lasted 17 seconds and you couldn't sue for that for the opponent being terrible, so i
1:39 pm
don't see how they should be able to sue for that. moving on from athletic bods to dad bods. the term has been generating furious debate online. it's a sexless atrocity timeless physique and a social sexual movement. exactly what is a dad bod? it is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. the dadbod says i go to the gym occasionally but also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time. janet, do you think the existence of the meme dad bod says anything about the sexual politics of this day? >> yes. i think it says so much about the fact that you know young women will celebrate the average when it's talking about their counterparts. i think it's something that they have probably seen their entire lives. every romantic comedy every sitcom dad, they're paired with a super hot wife and they're just kind of average. and there's also no category to
1:40 pm
talk about the -- for mothers. so milf is a mother that has to be super hot, looks super young. >> cougars. >> exactly. there's no equivalent for the female. yeah, there's no mom bod. >> do you think, though some people are saying it's good because men are getting scrutinized the same way women are getting scrutinized. >> beyond being ryan reynolds who is ripped that's one dad bod that's always been celebrated. >> mike, you have kids. >> i thought you were going to say i have a dad bod. >> no. as a dad, do you feel like this is something -- is this something you have ever heard of? >> i took it to heart and i've got to work out a little bit less. i am a little bit ripped and it's offputting to the many female suitors in my life. i think a major thing with this is the illustration that's used in the story. because sometimes the illustration is seth rogen and you think, oh dad bod, it's an out of shape guy. sometimes they're using jon hamm
1:41 pm
as the illustration. >> but that's not an eight slices of pizza on the weekend bod. >> but i think the original article, which is written by a 20-year-old i think maybe a junior from clemson, i think all it's saying is we don't necessarily like guys with six-pack abs with perfectly defined chest where everything is so perfect that we feel bad about ourselves. >> but austan goolsbee do you feel like men are held to a standard of needing to have six-packs. >> i hope not, my god, what are we going to do if we are? look, this is probably just some blowback. we had the nfl draft, you see these guys they look like heroes. the rest of us don't look too good so at least they're being celebrated celebrated. >> okay, okay. i just lost all the audio, so i didn't hear anything that austan said. >> he just ripped off his shirt. that was his answer. you didn't see that? >> the sliding scale of beauty for men. >> he just showed his guns.
1:42 pm
>> we did not get a chance to talk about the roommate who put windex in her fellow roommate's food. we'll have to save that for another day. thank you guys all for your time and thoughts. we are continuing to watch the storm in southwest oklahoma where a tornado warning is in effect this hour. there has still been no tornado touchdown, but dark clouds have been forming. in the last hour a tornado touched down in neighboring kansas. we will continue to monitor that storm and bring you the latest. keys in th car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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1:46 pm
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1:49 pm
deep in the heart of texas there's a lot of conspiracy. or is there? this july the u.s. military has a planned training exercise across seven southwestern states. it is called jade helm 15 and it is designed to better train special forces for overseas combat. but that's not what it really is if you believe the conspiracy theories that it's actually a plot for the u.s. military to take over the state of texas. who could be that paranoid? apparently the governor of texas. last week governor greg abbott announced that he was deploying the texas state guard to monitor the military's activities this summer. he is not the only one. yesterday texas congressman louie goemert weighed in saying patriotic americans had a reason to be concerned. if you really want to get a
1:50 pm
sense for how deep the paranoia runs, look no further than a town hall last week 30 miles southeast of austin. >> jade helm is simply just a challenging eight-week training exercise. >> would you be owe fejded if i told the colonel that i didn't believe a single word that he just said. >> when we have a federal government that cannot tell the truth, how do we know that what you're saying is true? >> this unabridged dictionary my question is i want you to address receiving this cutting it out and not bringing it back by any other name that your strategist may find in this dictionary that has anything to say that it is a preparation for martial law. >> that's because it is not a preparation for martial law, sir. >> that's what you say. >> joining me now is associate editor for texas monthly, r.g. radcliff. r.g. texas has held military
1:51 pm
trainings before. why all the concern and paranoia about a federal takeover right now? >> well for one thing, we have a pretty standard small but vocal group of people that do not like the federal government who have urged us in the past to secede from the union. right now there's some conspiracy theory radio hosts who are prompting this idea that this is a giant effort to take over the state by martial law, which is sort of ridiculous because there's 90,000 troops that are about 30 miles north of here at ft. hood texas, and they have tanks. and if the tanks started rolling towards austin they could be here in two hours. so it's kind of a crazy idea. >> yes. and the federal government has expressed no interest in taking over the state of texas, military occupation. i wonder how much of this is exacerbated by the presence of a new governor greg abbott who was the former attorney general.
1:52 pm
as attorney general once described his job as go to the office, sue barack obama, go home. i mean he has by 2013 i think he had sued this administration 27 times. he has fomented a lot of concern and fear about the federal government or the f pedestrianed ral government overstepping its bounds and is this the harvest of that? >> in some ways it is. he has tried to create this atmosphere where he is the guy fighting the federal government. and by issuing this declaration that he wants the state guard to monitor the jade helm activities, he was really pandering to this small group of -- i hate to call them right-wing extremists right-wing conspiracy folks. and they -- you know the truth is texas state guard is an all volunteer organization it gets very little training, it's unarmed. jade helm is a stealth exercise. so the only people out there who are going to be in military
1:53 pm
uniforms are the texas state guard. >> let's also talk about the culture as it surrounds perceptions and support for the military. rick perry, former governor of texas, basically came out and said military is something else. you know, i think our military is quite trustworthy. it's okay to question the government, but you can't question the military. i'm not going to even unpack the contradiction there given the fact that the federal government runs the u.s. military. but to that sort of cultural question about texans and the military, i mean this would almost seem to be a problem for elected officials, right? taking a position that alienates you from the military. >> it is. i mean overwhelmingly the texas political climate is that politicianings support the military, almost to the point of hero worship for members of the military. so the mere fact that greg abbott started pandering to this group of people who think the military is taking over the state is sort of an amazing
1:54 pm
break with the rest of the state's political community. louie gomert being kind of out there anyway. but it's -- you know greg abbott is kind of from the mainstream except when it comes to this. but there's a very serious anti-federal government feeling here that doesn't really have a whole lot to do with the military. it has a lot to do with perceptions of barack obama and a change from having george w. bush as president and having barack obama as president. >> certainly it's worth noting that there are other states where the same military exercise is being conducted and so far no paranoia skpeerconspiracy theorists in those states. must be something about the great lone star state. r.g. ratcliffe, thanks for your time. know any brogramers on the
1:55 pm
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microaggression, brogrammer revenge porn and basic. these are the words of our lives. at least according to today the website unveiled it's newest word entries. among the most interesting, anec data. slacktivism. actions taken to bring about political or social change but requiring minimal commitment or risk. and three separate gender definitions, including agender, bigender and gender fluid. some of the most interesting word entries were not the words themselves but the additions made to adapt to new technology. this was added to the definition of gesture. a particular movement of the fingers or hand over a screen used to control or interact with
1:59 pm
a digital device. this was added to glanceable relating to information on an electronic screen that can be underscored quickly or at a glance. if these are indeed the words of our lives, i suppose it is fitting to hear about them on a television screen. before we go we want to update you on the storm we've been watching in oklahoma. that storm is gathering, but there still has been no tornado touchdown. a tornado warning is currently under effect for the entire area. local schools are holding children until the threat moves out and the area is seeing golf ball-sized hail at present. a handful of states in the southwest are also under tornado watch, including kansas where a tornado touched down in lincoln county earlier today. that is all for now. "the ed show" is coming up next. good evening americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. tonight -- >> hillary clinton is for the trade bill.
2:00 pm
>> any trade deal has to produce jobs. >> she just won't say so. >> plus -- >> we did what was necessary to make america great again. >> later -- >> when the high tide come all the water coming through the street. >> this is something that is real, this is something that is happening. >> you won't be able to live here. that's the reality of the situation. >> and -- >> people had questions. >> the enemy force texas for jade helm 15. >> i think our military is quite trustworthy. >> go let's go! >> good to have you with us tonight, folks thanks for watching. we start -- we are keeping an eye on the weather. this is the map right now in the middle of the country across several states. there are numerous tornado warnings in effect. this is a live shot out of grady county oklahoma just southwest of